So What Happens After You're Divorced?

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Published: 20th September 2012
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As a person's separation and divorce gets nearer to being finalised it might be very hard to see it as anything other than an ending. Our Divorce Solicitors office knows that the constant reminder of the reality that they were unable to make their marital relationship work might leave them feeling like a failure and can really affect some people's confidence. However, one of several important things that you should recognise if you want to recover from your separation and divorce more quickly is the reality that although it's the end of your marital relationship, it's also a beginning.

What Comes After The Final Divorce Settlement?
Getting divorced is rarely an easy or enjoyable experience. You will need to deal with the reason for the divorce and you will need to cope with the thought that something you thought would last forever isn't going to happen. Too often, individuals think that if they're able to just get the separation and divorce finalised then their life will be okay and back to normal.

However, the reality is that all the emotions and feelings that caused the divorce don't disappear because you get your Decree Absolute. It will take time for the feelings you have for your former partner (good or bad) and the connection you had with them to fade into something which won't hurt as much. Even if all you feel for your husband or wife is negative feelings, you still have to cope with the intensity of those feelings.

It may be a cliche, but it's possibly the best advice. Just focus on getting through one day at a time. Then tomorrow, you simply focus on tomorrow.

Cope With The Pain Of A Divorce
It would be very challenging for someone to make it through a divorce without any affect on their life. Even if the separation and divorce is the right thing to do, it's still likely to be an incredibly emotional event. It's virtually impossible that your life won't be affected somehow.

The majority of people are likely to feel a little hurt and upset after their divorce process, it's only natural. You could be tempted to stay inside and keep yourself to yourself for a while. You're probably also going to shed a few tears over the first few weeks after your divorce process. It is completely normal for you to want to do these things right after the final divorce papers. It's a little like grief you feel any time you lose someone close, and it's important that you take a least a little time to grieve for your marriage. This way you'll be dealing with the emotions you're feeling and you'll hopefully find it easier to start looking at your new life.

Often men and women pretend that everything is okay and they hide their emotions away. But, as many solicitors will tell you, this is only putting off having to deal with the way they feel. Sooner or later they are going to need to work through these emotions if they want to come out the other side.

Take Control Of Your Life When Your Divorce Process Is Final
After your separation and divorce has been finalised it's usual to feel a bit sad for a while. But amongst the best ways to get back to normal is to concentrate on taking each day as it comes. An easy way to make this happen faster is to take back control over your life.

While some divorce cases are mutually agreed to, often it's just one of the partners who wants to end the marital relationship. Despite their very best efforts, there is little the other partner is able to do to change what's happening and they start to see themselves as a 'victim'. If this describes what's happened to you, you need to try and change your attitude and get back control of your life.

Taking a bit of time to figure out who you want to be now you're single again is often a good step. You might even go back to the time before you were married and think of all the things you liked about yourself then. What made you happy about being you? What gave you confidence? Maybe this will provide you with an idea of the kind of things you could do which will help get back that confidence and build a new you.

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